BrowserAutomationStudio: Chrome automation solution

BrowserAutomationStudio Cracked Automate everything that Chrome can do BAS is especially optomized for creating standalone apps that can be shared or sold. You can create standalone bots for free, but premium version adds custom features like protecting your project, or customizing intarface.

Download WebHarvy v6.0.1.173 + Full Patch

WebHarvy can easily extract Text, HTML, Images, URLs & Emails from websites, and save the extracted content in various formats.

Mailbird Pro Lasted version – Cracked

Mailbird is a simple, convenient and above all fast email client for your PC. Mailbird is packed with applications, features, hotkeys, and updates to optimize performance, thereby saving you several hours in your inbox.

Download Free Pichon (Icons8) 8.8.0 And Patched

Pichon is a program with a large collection of icons. Search, select and add to your graphic projects .

Arctic Instagram Bot v1.0

The power of social media is not to be forgotten about. Every successful business, whether it’s a small or a big one, utilizes social media in order to grow! Instagram is one of the biggest platforms on earth in which you can do so. Everyone knows that all the big guys uses marketing tools in order to make life a little bit easier, this is by no means a way to abuse any loopholes or anything. This is a organic way of building your platform profile! This instagram bot offers the same actions as a normal human would, but it does it automatically so that you can spend your valuable time on more important things that will

NinjaGram Latest Version Cracked – Instagram Bot

NinjaGram – Instagram bot number 1 in the world. This is a universal marketing software that helps to process all Instagram information automatically, saves you a lot of time, gives you thousands of followers and helps you get more profit from this incredibly popular image sharing site!