EasySocial Pro v3.2.13 – social networking component for Joomla

Expanding EasySocial lets you create a social network on Joomla is easy and fast. Instantly manage your community with one application from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

YooTheme Pro v2.3.9 – Joomla Visual Designer

YooTheme Pro is a visual site builder running Joomla! YooTheme Pro is used for all new themes from the manufacturer of templates YOOtheme. The designer allows you to customize the theme style, create page layouts and change various parameters and settings.

JCE Pro Content Editor v2.9.1 – visual editor for Joomla

A new version of the popular component JCE Pro Content Editor has become available , which is designed for quick and easy editing of Joomla! You can create any without special need programming knowledge, style sheet and markup languages. The editor makes it easy to create spreadsheets, work with images, resize and thumbnails, manage video and audio content, create links to files, add stylized labels, do spell-check and edit the source code. 

EasyBlog PRO v5.4.8 – blog component for Joomla

Update component EasyBlog PRO which is a modern unique product for organizing and maintaining blogs on sites that are running Joomla. EasyBlog can be used to create a personal blog, company blog, corporation, and even a team of bloggers. The extension can integrate news in any of the many social networks, as the automatic Micro function sends messages to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedI and others. The developer made sure that the EasyBlog component was equally convenient not only for professionals, but also for amateur beginners.

JCH Optimize PRO v6.3.1 – Joomla Acceleration

JCH Optimize PRO is one of the most popular plugins to speed up the latest Joomla versions. Compresses and merges .css and .js files, as well as some types of images, turning them into fast-loading sprites. The full version also provides asynchronous loading of java scripts and additional features for compressing and speeding up the loading of pages.

SP Page Builder Pro v3.7.9 – Joomla Page Builder

SP Page Builder Pro is a global update of the Joomla component for creating pages. This page / content designer runs under the control of Joomla and features a variety of features for creating the most complex sites. This page builder provides a truly new set of tools for creating and managing a site that takes into account the importance of both search engine optimization (CEO) and promotion through social platforms (SMM).